Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Portfolio Review

Whew. It is always difficult to extend yourself and let someone else see your work in person. To show them your images one by one and listen to them comment on the body of work.

Good comments on some, a passing glance at others and no recognition on some of your favorites. Did they get it. Did they see the humor? The irony? The juxtaposition? Do they understand the links between the images? Before a juried exhibition with big time curators, editors, photographers and gallerists you have perhaps 5 seconds an image to impress them before they move on to another artists work. I fortunately only had one review and it told me how unprepared I was for an exhibition or review.

I had to glance back at DA to give me confidence to go back out there and continue my work.

One thing that I took from this weekend at PhotoNOLA.

Everything is connected.

So this is my new Mantra as I move forward to create a more cohesive body of work.

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