Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good models, Great models


  • Great models bring more than just beauty to the table.
  • Great models let it all hang out and bear their souls to camera, not afraid of looking ugly for the sake of beauty.
  • Great models have a presence that shines through the lens.
  • Great model have no limits when it comes to creating something that rises above the fraction of a second that it takes to capture an image.
  • Great models bring passion.
  • Great models are fearless.
  • Great models connect.
  • Great models show their emotions.
  • Great models don't want to be an art model, they just are.
  • Great models relax and are themselves in front of the camera.
  • Great models know their bodies and how to manipulate them for the best shot.
  • Great models need little direction.
  • Great models change poses and listen for guidance.
  • Great models can rewind 10 poses back and change their expression slightly for the shot that you didn't quite get, but now have it nailed.
  • Great models know where the light is.
  • Great models create wonderful shadows.
  • Great models can show strength and weakness at the same time.
  • Great models know themselves.
  • Great models have no category.
  • Great models blend into their environment and stand out of their environment.
  • Great models are the kindest people.
  • Great models are quite a bit smarter than you think.
  • Great models are humble.
  • Great models are undefined.
I am blessed that I have met these beautiful women.

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Cristian said...

Just wanted U to know that I played your body landscapes album in a very fast/forward way (like clicking in a rhythm of two or three frames in a second) and it was an amazing show, just like a volcano!