Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am officially published in Carrie Leigh Nude Magazine Spring Issue 2009. 8 Pages! I can't even believe it.

The link to the brief preview is here: I also have a cover mention!


Sunday, March 1, 2009


This image was shot at Lauren Warner's home in San Francisco. Her husband Kevin cooked everyone a wonderful breakfast/lunch for us consisting of eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato for sandwiches and greens to go with them. I made myself a BLT sandwich and we chatted about the fact that someone had put a Pioneer electronics logo on their stove where Kenmore or other brand would normally reside. He was an avid collector of guitars, helpful, generous and a kind soul. He had a comfortable swagger about him. He invited us into his home and helped with "Craft Services" I felt entirely welcome when I first met him in the kitchen. We only met for a brief time but he made me feel like family in his home.

I found out he passed away a couple of weeks ago. My thoughts and prayers are with Lauren and her family. He will be missed.

Guerilla Foiled.

Unfortunately my shoot this morning got called off. 4:30 am text. My model got sick and had to cancel. I was hoping to get some images for an editorial feature coming up. I did have a great fashion/cover shoot on Saturday.