Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pictures

Great news for those following my work here. I am working on posting sets of images and adding more images to the blog to help generate some more interest. I also have some wonderful new video interviews with my models who offer amazing insight into their work and lives. Now, if I could just get YouTube to accept a clip longer than 10 minutes. Many of these beautiful and talented women have more to say than a quick 10 minute interview.

Here is Nettie an amazing young lady from Indiana who is here working in New Orleans.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Case Dismissed

My model and myself remain citizens in good standing.

I love this town. It finally paid off in my favor. I took care of a necessary evil. Righted a wrong. Cured an injustice.

An inappropriate charge for a victimless crime. What we did was neither heinous nor lewd, it was simply an expression of freedom, an expression of beauty, a capture of a second in time.

I stand appreciative yet guarded as I wonder how this will effect my creative freedom. I expect that I will be shooting in the studio more often now tethered to the limits of black, gray and white backgrounds.

To those who helped, I thank you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lewd Conduct

In the French Quarter, New Orleans. God forbid.

Anyone who has modeled with me, knows that I have a passion for location work. Shooting nudes in the studio is good work but location nudes always trumps studio anytime. The extra element of location adds multiple layers of interaction, risk, architecture, and environment.

WTF? I have seen so many naked women in the quarter I can't even count. There are armed robberies, violent crimes and yet last night I am accused of lewd conduct for trying to shoot some art nudes in the French Quarter. We are released with a ticket to appear in court.

Will my creative passion be limited to just studio work from here on out?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Heist

I am planning another Heist shoot. Guerrilla style. Locations, Getaway cars and drivers, Security, and Wardrobe handlers. How can I capture my city of New Orleans properly and add the beauty of a nude woman to the mix? Shooting fast and being mobile is the key. Great scouting in advance is another important element to incredible images and making everything go smoothly. I can't sleep because I need to make sure everything goes as planned.