Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Iona Lynn

My San Francisco Trip was good. I scheduled with two beautiful models for this trip. Iona Lynn and Sarah Ellis.

Iona was wonderful to work with. She was an incredible location scout, finding great places to shoot well in advance of the project so our day was wonderfully planned with a variety of great locations. She is a photographer too, a trait that helped her spot these great areas to shoot in.

One of our first shoots was on the Beach in Pacifica, CA. Our location is now closed to the public due to the danger of erosion on the cliffs. Homes and apartments have been condemned or taken back by the ocean. The roar of the ocean droned in the background and a cool mist came from the sea. We were constantly on the watch for rogue waves that might come crashing in and soak the gear. We got some great shots and move into the mountains with the fog following closely behind.

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