Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ginger Hansel Sinner

Ginger,Elsa and I did a masquerade shoot in the Historic French Quarter. We still laugh when we refer to it as the Ginger Whoooo Shoot. When we were shooting I noticed she had a very serious expressions. I asked her to try and visualize a happy moment. She got a funny look on her face in recognition, smiled, and threw her hand in the air and proudly proclaimed, " Whoooo!"

We all busted out laughing and I kept the camera rolling. This amazing dress was a product of my incredible wardrobe stylist Elsa Broadmann.

One thrift store wedding dress: $50.00
Removing 100 pearls and rose applicates.
Hand sewing and Poofing of the dress.
Gloves, shoes and model.
Fine Metal mask. $175.00
One incredible wardrobe designer: Priceless.

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