Sunday, May 30, 2010

Candace Nirvana

There seems to be a consistent debate that I am having about this image.  Is there too much clutter in the photograph so that it distracts the viewer from the form and the woman.   Or does the reflection in the mirror mimic a painting in the frame.   Please comment..


Keira said...

Sure there's a lot going on in this photo, but a print does not need to be about the model. Here I see a piece of art, which contains a glimmer of a person hanging in a photo on the wall.

Willow said...

I love the photograph. Your talent for displaying detail is fantastic. The elegance and beauty of the furnishings in the foreground seem to be the dominant and most important feature. The beautiful model shown very small in the mirror due to its location in the photo is what it should be, perhap, just a beautiful segment or part of the whole image.

photogregd said...

It forces you to think, why was this image taken, and then search for the model, what else is happening in this image, now I see the woman.