Saturday, June 20, 2009


Themed shoots seem to be what's driving me these days. Last weeks theme was Frankenstein.This weeks theme was DEXTER.

Last night my scheduled model canceled.

I was lucky enough to call my friend Nettie Harris to come fill in. Damn we do some great work together. She trusts me completely. So much so that we established a safe word for tonight's shoot. If you don't know what a safeword is, it is primarily used in Bondage scenarios where the submissive may end the "scene' at any time. Dexter is the serial killer show on showtime and I recreated one of his kill scenes this evening. Plenty of plastic sheeting, Saran wrap and some stainless steel knives made everything look authentic. I still have to edit the images from today so here is a look at last weeks Frankenstein Shoot.

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