Friday, July 20, 2007


In creating the book and website defintionsofwomen I am forced to consider stereotypes. The questions that I am pondering about is should I fall into these stereotypes.

Should stereotypes define women or do women define the stereotypes?

Here is another image of Makeda that could fall into that definition of a stereotypical black woman. On one hand it is a clearly beautiful rendition of her shape and form but is it too stereotypical to use as a fine art piece in the book/website?

Is this a direction that I want to go in with my art or is it too easy to fall into that trap? This is indeed a slippery slope that will need consideration. As much as I like this image I feel forced into excluding it from the group just on these grounds. As this blog is new has not had too much consideration I as for those to post their response as to whether or not this image should be included. Please post your comments, I would like to hear them.

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